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Our Environment in the UAE

The UAE is proud of the natural environment which the UAE leadership have implemented and is commended internationally and is preserved and improved with the constant efforts by the people of UAE. It has been commended by the various leaders internationally.. Every efforts are made to let nature flourish and develop the green areas in the locations which was otherwise quite barren. Now the Rulers of the UAE are focusing to make UAE a green country and every effort is made to implement this, which was a dream of the Father of the nation. Last year has been a phenomenal one for the progress in the field of Environmental protection let it be wildlife, or marine.

It is clear from the Government sectors and the Corporate support, the environment awareness from the general public has made a great leap on conservation of the environment. The wild life protection has received a great attention and has borne fruit over the years. It is also well known the role of Sheikh Zayed has played in protecting and rescuing the Arabian wild life. He was very close to the nature and with deep respect for the plants and animals he had encountered in the mountains deserts , oasis and the coastal waters. He never lost sight of the vital need to protect the natural recourses and the environment in general. In addition other regional departments have their own programs for environment protection, wildlife life protection and most importantly for increasing the public awareness. As the population increases , the development needs has impact on the UAE's marine and terrestrial natural environment. The UAE has adopted a focused approach to the environmental protection and wildlife protection to help ensure that the use of its recourses is both sustainable and equitable.

Marine Conservation

The greatest challenges facing the UAE is the protection of the marine environment and is one of the top priorities of the UAE Government. The law protects the endangered species such as turtles and dugong. Articificial reefs has been created leading to more than 50 percent of some of the varieties of fish.

Wind in the UAE

Even though we classify the winds to just breeze and heavy winds the local Bedouins classify it by different names. A major shamal is classified as AL Haffar, It drills huge depressions in the desert dunes. The second shamal occurs around early June and is known as Barih Thorrrayya, otherwise known as Pleiades in the west.

Geology of UAE

Major climatic changes has influenced a great deal in the changes of the environment over the years. Millions of years ago , along with the tide and climatic changes massive layers of rocks were formed in the sea bed which covered in the Arabian peninsula. The decomposition of these rocks resulted in vast oil and gas reserves.

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